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Hawkeye does not detect x86 applications on x86 Windows!!!


This one is a bummer... When I try to inspect an application on my old Windows XP (x86) box... nothing happens.
By examining the log, it seems that Hawkeye tries to run Hawkeye x64 which eventually fails. Of course.

The problem lies in the target application bitness detection. The code worjks well on x64 machines (distinguishing between x64 processes and x86 ones - Wow64). Though it fails on x86 machines: because the target process is not running in Wow64 mode, it is said to be x64 (impossible on x86 machines) and so Hawkeye's bitness being incorrect, it tries to load Hawkeye x64...

I'll add code to detect whether we are running on a x64 OS or a x86 one (which is not the same as running a x86 app on a x64 OS). I'll base on the existence of the Wow64 System directory (See

I hope to deliver the fix rather quickly as I suppose many people out there still use x86 windows (And honestly I can't understand how it could ever work in previous versions; when did I break this???).

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